7 Best Pool Testing Kits in 2018

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Pentair 2-in-1 : Tests Pool Water and pH

The Pentair 2-in-1 is a basic choice, which tests for two of the most essential levels of pool water, pH and chlorine. Since it contains reagents to test for these two properties only, it’s a very compact choice that’s easy to store almost anywhere.

  • not ideal for commercial use
  • simple for learners to use
  • great option for above-ground pools


LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 : Pool Testing System With a Digital Display

LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 is a Cadillac-level swimming pool testing system with a digital display, which removes any color matching or guesswork. It’s great for hotels, schools, or other public swimming pools, and definitely more than sufficient for home use.

  • Is available in a water-resistant case
  • offers a complete water test
  • highly precise results

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Valterra Blue Devil : Tests Five Chemical Factors


The included comparator in the Valterra Blue Devil features markings to show the right levels, so even if you’re not that skilled at swimming pool maintenance you will at least know what your goal is. It has detailed guidelines so that even a first-timer can figure it out.

  • alkalinity can be hard to see
  • case is hard to latch closed
  • tests five chemical factors

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Poolmaster Smart Test Strips : Best for Measuring Chemical Factors

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The Poolmaster Smart Test Strips make the process of examination as simple as it can be. Simply dip one of them into your pool water and match them up with the colors on the bottle for an immediate measurement of 6 chemical factors.

  • easy pop-top opening
  • available in waterproof container
  • also ideal for spas

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Taylor Technologies Complete : Best for Measuring Levels of Chlorine

The Taylor Technologies Complete has a very useful pamphlet, which has lots of beneficial information about swimming pool sanitation and maintenance. It uses FAS-DPD powder, which lets you measure the levels of chlorine in 0.2 or 0.5 ppm increments

  • tests for combined and free chlorine
  • more precise than liquid reagents
  • can be used in saltwater swimming pool

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Poolmaster Basic Collection : Best for Pool or Spa Custom Testing

The Poolmaster Basic Collection is a great choice if your pool or spa needs some specialized, custom testing. This kit is also very affordable.

  • enough chemicals to last for many years
  • large numbers ensure it’s easy to read
  • tests 5 major components

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AquaChek 7-Way : Best for Super Fast Chemical Results

If the thought of handling  a lot of messy test chemicals appears like a headache you would rather avoid, the AquaChek 7-Way may be the answer you’re searching for. It’s a pack of 100 test strips, which use colors to show the chemical composition of your water.

  • great value for the number of strips
  • results show up in fifteen seconds
  • color chart is on the bottle

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