Pool Care Explained

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Pool Care Explained

san-diego-pool-cleaning-serviceWhat’s better than being able to jump into your swimming pool during the summer? Swimming pools are the best entertainment spots for the family when it comes to summer. Although, you have to keep up with your pool care. Keeping your swimming pool clean and safe for your family, so everyone can have fun splashing in the summer. Your local pool service provider will walk you through everything you need to know to properly take care of your pool. From water care to testing your pH levels. Taking care of your pool is easy! With the right tools and regular cleaning your pool should be in good shape for summer long use.

This Amazing Instructional Video on Pool Care & Maintenance does an outstanding job at providing some basic instructions on how to care for your inground pool.

Pool Care Guide:

Circulation: Empty pumps & filter baskets, running the pump filter to show the circulation is working well. Angling your return jets, checking the filter pressure so it’s at a correct pressure.

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Cleaning: Skimming the surface of your pool, daily, so that debris doesn’t clog up the filtration system. Brushing the bottom of the pool twice a week, getting off the dirt that may gather in the pool. If you haven’t already, we suggest investing in an automatic pool cleaner. It helps get a lot of the jobs done and helps keep the pool clean.

Chemistry: Keeping a balanced pH level is very important; an imbalance causes algae to grow around your pool, which makes your pool green, we want to avoid that. Alkalinity and calcium are more things to look out for during your pool testing process. Any of these things that could be thrown off can cause a different


fungus or cloudiness to develop in your swimming pool. Another thing to keep up on is sanitizing and shocking your pool.  

Keeping a regular daily, to weekly pool care schedule will benefit you and your family to having a fun and entertaining summer. 

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