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Ever thought of automating your swimming pool or spa? It’s finally time for you to make that dream come true. It is indeed worth the investment for the added efficiency and convenience, which could end up helping you save up to 70 percent in energy bills. If the energy savings are not compelling enough, you will like the fact that everything you require is available in one convenient bundle, so you do not need to buy the remote system and control panel separately.

Zodiac Remote Pool Management System : Low-cost Control System for Multiple Devices

The Zodiac AquaLink Z4 Controller is a good choice if you’re searching for a low-cost control system for multiple devices. Zodiac remote pool and spa automation has made great strides recently particularly with the improvements and upgrades made to the iAquaLink 2.0. The combination of these two reliable products will give you complete automation of your swimming pool at a low-cost price.

If you want to keep things simple without needing a remote system or control panel you may want to think of the Jandy iQPump01. This latest smart pump is operated from any handheld device and perfect for pool owners that want to keep things simple. It is the best way to give oneself more control over pump run times and boost energy efficiency when running your swimming pool system.

Chemistry Automation  

A great way you can minimize the amount of time you spend taking care of your swimming pool is to automate some of the chemistry balancing. The two primary levels in any swimming pool are the pH and sanitizer that are also the levels, which experience the most unanticipated fluctuations.

An automated swimming pool chemical system will keep track of two factors electronically, the pH and the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). It works how a thermostat functions by setting a minimum threshold or level and when the device senses pH changes it automatically dispenses acid to activate more chlorine to be produced and lower pH.

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Hayward Salt Water Pool Automation System : has ORP and pH Sense and Dispense, Automatic Chlorination 


This multi-function Hayward Goldline PL-PLUS ProLogic electronic chlorinator automates swimming pools and spas. It’s the perfect system for pool automation, and has ORP and pH sense and dispense, automatic chlorination and it’s fully integrated with leading smart home systems.

It’s easy to install and is supported by Hayward warranty and customer support if you ever require assistance with this product. It is the best system if you are seeking to have complete charge of your swimming pool anywhere and anytime. If you wish to have all the controls in your clutches, you may need to think of the Hayward Goldline Wireless Base Station.

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Hayward Sense and Dispense :  Works Perfectly With Salt Pool Water Systems 

It’s made to function well with the latest Hayward OmniLogic for better performance and ease of use. It works perfectly with salt pool water systems to keep track of and automatically balance pool water chemistry. Your pool will be transformed into a smart pool, which will need much less time to monitor. Picture how many hours you will save not forgetting money spent on needless swimming pool maintenance.

If you’re a handy person, you should have no difficulties installing this kind of device to work with your control center. It is vital that you use causation when handling electrical equipment and in case you ever feel uncomfortable you need to hire or contact a professional.

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If you have a salt water system, you’ll already be making the most of automated chlorination, and a chemical system can take automation a step further. Since salt water swimming pools are likely to see a gradual and steady increase in pH you truly can benefit from an automated chemistry system. It will help you save time and headache of testing and balancing chemicals not forgetting your swimming pool will be safer and cleaner to swim in.

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