Who Makes the Best Pool Equipment Hayward, Jandy, Pentair or Off brands

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Hayward Pool Products

Pool Automation

Hayward isn’t as huge as Pentair and does not have the same marketing budget; however, they make great products as well.

Their filters are as good as Pentair as far as user-friendliness (cleaning), design and reliability. However, find a Hayward filter at low-cost price verses, Pentair do not think twice to choose Hayward. It’s a great product.

Another great product they have is the Aqua Rite Salt System. Some people like his product, and it’s without a doubt a great system. It’s easy to maintain and very reliable. The salt cells are perfectly made and long-lasting as well.

Their pumps are good quality, and they manufacture some models with huge pump basket areas (TriStar) that works great in your swimming pool to remove a lot of debris.

Hayward manufactures the most reliable heaters, which have the fewest faults. Also, they are rat proof, and if you issues with rodents where you live you need to get the Hayward Heater.

Another great product is the Hayward Goldline automated system. These function with minor issues and are simple to program. They also come with reliable valve actuators and will not bring about any problems.


Pool AutomationJandy manufactures great products, but they are still not as great as Pentair; however, in the past year, they have made great strides to be top rated.

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For example, a product like the AquaLink is an automated system that’s still the best in the business. These units are very reliable and come with multiple platforms to access your swimming pool equipment. AquaLink is a superb product since the components, interface and menu are the best in the market. Also, their Jandy Valve actuators are the most reliable.

Their filters require some work since the internal parts appear to crack, and aren’t made as well as other models. Their heaters are built around the old Ray-Pak brands that result in them being unreliable at best. The heaters are getting much better; however, remain not as good as the other models.

They have replaced their unreliable AquaPure System by creating two new salt systems. These systems are easier and a lot more reliable, AquaPure Ei and TrueClear. Jandy have a new heater based on a new compact 2 ft. x 2 ft. design-JXi. Their VS pumps are making great strides with the iQPUMP01 as they are currently the simplest Variable speed pumps to program.


Pool AutomationPentair does not publicly advertise this, but they also own Rainbow Pool and STA-RITE Products making them the biggest manufacturer by far. They manufacture the best quality filters of all the models and in each category. They make the best Sand, Cartridge and D.E. Fillers. The quality of the fiberglass filter tanks is hugely dependable and also the internal parts like manifolds, filter elements, and cartridges. These are built a bit better compared to other the manufacturers.

Pentair also the most reliable and best Salt Chlorine System: The Intellichlor IC20 or IC40. The Salt units are very reliable and have fewer issues.

Their standard swimming pool pumps are as good as other brands. There is not much variance between the Pentair Wisperflow and say the Hayward Super II pump. Recently, the Wisperflow motors have been experiencing burn out fast than previously, but so has almost every other pump motor brand.

However, Pentair’s Dual Speed and Variable Speed Pumps are the best on the market. By far they are the simplest operate and program as well as being very dependable. Pentair was the first to make these pump types and are continually updating and improving their technology. Their Heaters are also great and somewhat reliable.

Their latest ScreenLogic App lets you control their automated systems using your device or smartphone for a small upgrade price. Their salt systems remain the best.

Multiple Off-brand Companies

Pool AutomationThere are some independent smaller manufacturers such as Waterway that is most likely the biggest one in the industry at present. They make great products, and if the cost is right, there’s no problem with purchasing a Waterway filter or pump. NexaPure manufactures a great salt water system, and you’ll get many of these smaller businesses, which make great products. However, there are lots of other small companies, which make low-quality products, so it’s wise to choose a larger popular brand such as Hayward or Pentair. You really cannot go wrong with the large brands since they are big as they make great products. So the important thing is to check around for the best price but to remember who makes the best equipment.


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